The Unbroken Circle

“Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.” – Q

We talk a lot about symbolism on Twitter. Countless graphics have been shared highlighting the symbols most commonly used by the corrupt Luciferian powers that were, both as a tool of communication and a hidden pledge of loyalty. But how many of you know what those symbols were originally meant to represent?

Symbols, like any other tool of language, mean nothing without intent. In this world, Luciferians chose to appropriate symbols of light, love and truth, and to corrupt them. They used various methods of taking what was once sacred and good and turning it into the opposite. Often that meant simply changing the orientation of a symbol; inverting or twisting it somehow, and assigning a opposing value to it. And perhaps the most widely known (and universally reviled) of these in our world is the pentagram.

A pentagram and a pentacle are the same, with one distinction: the former is a drawn image, while the latter is typically worn as jewelry, such as a charm or medallion. Luciferians and Satanists depict this symbol inverted, with the top point of the star facing downward, a complete distortion of its original form. And the reason they do this is to corrupt the meaning. Intent matters.

Upright, the pentagram is closed within a circle, representing the reciprocal nature of human existence. The four cardinal directions correspond to the elemental basics of life: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The body is Earth, a carbon based form. Air is the oxygen needed to sustain life. Fire is the human metabolic rate and Water is the conductor of electrical impulses that power it. Those four basic things make life on a given planet possible.

But the significance of the pentagram is not fully realized, because in their version of things they chose to leave out the most important element of all…the one that matters the most…and that is the 5th element. The reason they ignore that; the reason they turn the star upside down is a deliberate, symbolic choice to decline the offering of this element. What is the difference?

The answer is, it’s the difference between existing and living. As I said previously, the four basic elements inside that closed circle are perfectly sufficient for sustaining life…but that is ALL they can do. Without the fifth element, a human is essentially reduced from a powerful, consciousness driven being to an empty, programmable shell. Without the fifth element, a person can exist just fine…but can never truly know what it is to LIVE. Why?

Because that fifth element is our direct connection to the Creator. It is the Ethernet conduit to the divine energy of the cosmos, of God. It is what causes us to question and seek deeper understanding. It is our compass, given to us from the moment of birth, so that we can always navigate the chosen path of our immortal souls, and ultimately find our way back to the pure love and light of the One Creator. Without it, we are lost. Stuck. Always ‘less than’. And more importantly, we fall into the trap of relying on others to tell us what is true and real rather than looking within. Programmable and malleable, and anything but sovereign.

I did a lengthy thread on this subject on Twitter, and how The Great Awakening and the letter Q are directly connected to the closed circle of the pentagram, but I’ll give the Cliff’s notes version here. The letter Q represents the movement, but it also has a deeper, metaphysical meaning.

Essentially, Luciferians took the star shape of human existence and trapped it inside the limits of a closed circle. They did this symbolically, but every action that is carried out with intent also carries the frequency of that intent with it…and the subconscious human brain recognizes that, whether it’s consciously realized or not.

Free will cannot be taken away. It can be subverted by deception, but never taken. It is the most important tenet in all of existence, and the ultimate unalienable right. It cannot be taken, but it can be given up and; when Luciferians flaunt the inverted pentagram, they are flaunting their choice to give up their free will and sever the connection of the 5th element to the divine Creator. They are pledging their loyalty to a lifetime of subversion by the Hive, to slavery. They give up their humanity.

Through various methods over vast expanses of time, they have deceived humanity into believing that existence is just as simple as the four basic elements of life. They could not server the connection to the Creator because they cannot take away free will, so they simply conned humanity into embracing that closed “Circle of Life”, in the belief that it is all there is. That this life is the only one we get. One of the most damaging lies they ever told.

And humanity played its part as well, by choosing to buy into the lie. We didn’t start this, but we are now faced with the daunting task of finishing it, and the greatest weapon in our arsenal is understanding. We cannot go back and change the circumstances that got us to this point, and we cannot move forward if we’re trapped in the closed circle. But if we’re stuck in the reciprocal circle required to sustain life, how can we make room for this missing element? The answer is the simplest solution in all of Creation. We just have to evolve.

We can’t break the circle because an open circle is a broken loop, and cannot sustain life. But the fifth element is now closed off to us by the very circle we require in order to exist. How do you open a circle and keep it open, while at the same time ensure it remains intact? In cardiac surgery, they accomplish this by placing a stent, to allow blood to freely flow without the closed loop of the cardiovascular system being compromised. This could be depicted very simply by two common characters in the English language: O and Q.

Before Q came along and started the process of The Great Awakening, the vast majority of people in this country were hopelessly trapped within a closed circle of deception. Stuck. But what’s awesome about free will, as I’ve stated, is that it cannot be taken away. All that is required to restore our connection to the fifth element of our Creator is the desire to seek further understanding, and the choice to take action to make that happen. It is really that simple. Love and truth are the same frequency, the energy of our Creator, and Q is all about uncovering the truth.

Q became the stent in the heart of humanity, and We The People are the life blood flowing through it. We sustain ourselves as O, but we evolve by becoming Q. We are all Q, you see.

I wanted to paint something that reflects all of this, while shining the light of truth onto the sacred meaning of our stolen ancient symbolism. And, for those who get nervous at the single eye symbol in my painting, it is merely a representation of the “Third Eye” of cosmic consciousness, and is another symbol that took a beating along with the pentagram.

It is imperative that we take back our symbolism, rather than simply discard it. There are ancient truths told within these symbols, and if we allow fear to make us reject them, then we’re ultimately still giving our power away to those who do not deserve to have it. We’ll create new symbolism and language, of course. But they corrupted the old to hide information that was meant to be passed down through the ages, and it will remain hidden if we continue to demonize and attach fear and negativity to them. That would be very sad indeed.

Thank you all so much for reading. I’ll be doing more painting and plan to blog about each work I finish. I have also decided to put my designs on Teespring, on a variety of different items, rather than marketing and putting my work under copyright. Please feel free to share any images of my art. I’ll pin a link here for anyone who might be interested in ordering something. I am a professional artist, and typically work on consignment, but I wanted to try something new and fun that also gets my message out there to a wider audience.

I’ll post this to my Twitter page with a photo of my painting, as I’m not sure how to upload images into a blog entry yet. Big learning curve here…thank you for your patience.

Namaste, beautiful souls, and I hope you all have an uplifting and peaceful end to your week.💙💜💙

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