How many of you remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? How many happen to follow the #QAnon drops as a source of information?

When I first began to read the Q drops and decodes, one of the things that caused me to keep tuning in was Q’s use of the breadcrumb analogy. The story of Hansel and Gretel is my favorite fairytale and; now that I know what I know about myself, it makes a sorrowful, horrific kind of sense to me that I was so enamored of a story about two children escaping the clutches of an evil cannibal witch. Future proves past, after all, as we know…and truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

I have learned and remembered many hidden truths in the past year, and one of the most significant of them is that our souls are not what we’ve been led to believe them to be. I am not a religious person; they worked hard to give me good reason for choosing to avoid churches and the churchy people who frequented them. But once again, the joke was on them because instead of embracing atheism or simply nothing at all (or, preferably, joining them), I became Wiccan instead. I chose a spiritual path instead of a religious one and, like the man said, it made all the difference.

In the absence of the false external “authority” of a preacher or priest directing my thinking with stifling, coercive dogma, I found spirituality. I could not trust those fork-tongued imposters, so I went looking inside myself for answers.

I talk a lot about the unwelcome truth that Luciferian Hivites wrote all of our modern religious texts. And, understandably, many people bristle instantly at such an appalling idea. Luciferians are the enemy! Why in the hell would THEY write OUR religious doctrine?! No, it’s OURS. We came up with that! And they are incorrect; but at the same time, they’re not wrong, either.

Their ancestors in our very ancient past wrote and/or told the original information, the truth about our existence, to another party who recorded it for preservation and posterity, but the Hivites had already slithered their way into strategic positions of influence within every religious ideology on the planet, and it was there, first, that their foothold on humanity was firmly established.

People tend to conveniently ignore the fact that these Hivites were in total control of every major power/control structure on the planet and were actively carrying out a plan to wipe the vast majority of humanity off the face of it, right up until our President waded into the swamp on our behalf and established himself as the right man for the job of taking them down. Do they really think something as elaborate and complex as the Q team and The Plan would be warranted if they were just some ordinary criminal enterprise that could be eradicated with a few dozen satisfying high profile arrests and a handful of righteously delivered executions? No. Because they aren’t really “thinking” at all.

They are reacting emotionally to something that challenges and seems to stand in direct conflict with the most sacred tenets of their personal belief system. A threat, to their perception of their own spiritual identity. To their reality. Their established truth.

Perfectly normal. And I consider myself something of an expert on that, because my world was rocked to the power of infinity not so long ago, and yet here I am, alive and whole and raining my truth down on anyone who chooses to listen. I survived many painful truths, and so can everyone else. That’s what this life is all about, letting go of ego and embracing all that we have deprived ourselves of by clinging to it for so long.

The fact is, folks, religion matters not one whit in the grand scheme of existence. The choice, to know the truth, has always been and will continue to be yours. Whatever religious doctrine that you choose, in sovereignty and as an individual, to apply to the manner in which you decide to walk your path does not define who you are spiritually. Does it shape you? Absolutely, and that is why we feel defensive when our personal truth is challenged. It is crucial to our personal growth and central to everything upon which we base the way we live our lives from day to day, so we have a deeply ingrained emotional attachment to it. Losing it would be like a death in many ways.

But here’s the beautiful thing about being sovereign: YOU get to choose. You decide what speaks truth to you out of everything that enters your field of perception.

If every religious text, every church, synagogue, temple and holy place were suddenly removed entirely from the planet, would we all just wander aimlessly and helplessly about for the rest of our lives without books that were written and rewritten, obscuring their original meaning and the appointed, unqualified spokespersons of our beloved Creator to tell us what we should do and how we should act and what we should believe? Some might do just that, but most of us would stand up, dust ourselves and our wounded egos off, and set out to find truth elsewhere. Why?

Because we are more than what we’ve been indoctrinated to believe; by religion and science, for longer as any of us have been alive on this planet. Intellectually, we know that beliefs and ideology don’t just rub off on us. We know that by reading the Qur’an, we’re not going to just accidentally become Muslim through osmosis. But our emotions don’t care about pesky logic like that. Our emotions only care about the fact that something introduced into our field is contradictory to our core perception of truth, and is therefore a threat.

If you truly want to guarantee that you are basing your life’s decisions on a free will choice, then developing tunnel vision and ignoring all of the other information available to you in favor of something that another person has told you to accept as empirical truth, that must not ever be questioned, is probably not the optimal method of accomplishing that goal. The optimal strategy is also the most simple approach: to process seemingly conflicting information, you must be willing to suspend belief and the emotional attachments to it, and imagine it in terms of the pure, uninvested detachment of the hypothetical. It is really THAT simple. We use our imaginations all the time, and we neither notice nor resist it because it is imaginary, and therefore carries no deep emotional attachment. We know we’re just imagining, so we don’t invest in it.

Our souls are not what we’ve been told. Like everything else they’ve twisted and corrupted in our world, what we’ve been told about human existence is only a fragment of the actual truth. The reason they chose religious doctrine as their primary method of subversion is because in the ancient past, we were actually smarter…they hadn’t shown up to influence us yet, and the holy people of Earth’s populace were able to access a higher state of consciousness, much like Buddhist monks can today, and were highly revered and regarded as living conduits for the voice of the Creator. And they were of the Light. The right hand of God.

It was a simple matter for them to incorporate their own practices into existing ideology, and eventually take total control of it from the inside. They took the ancient writings of truth and knowledge from every ideology on the planet and rewrote them, time and again, a little differently each time, until eventually they were able to successfully obscure the truth by limiting the amount of it that people had to base their beliefs on.

They have controlled humanity in three major ways: division, competition, and the illusion of scarcity and exclusivity. And one of the most outrageous, damaging lies they ever told humanity is the one about what happens to a soul after physical death. They didn’t just lie to us about it either…they instilled a fear of it that is so strong that we pass it to our own offspring, generation after generation, encoded into the strands of our DNA.

And they created a system within each religion by which a believer can avoid the fictitious ‘finality’ of death and instead end up in a magical place where unicorns and fairies frolic under perfect skies along golden streets, they can eat as many calories as they want without ever getting fat, perfection and bliss and everything that is awesome, for the rest of eternity, amen. Seriously, every religion contains this farce of “heaven”. And it can be yours for the taking…but you have to do EXACTLY what this book or figurehead or other false external authority says you should do, or you’re voted off the island. Membership is revoked.

Just for good measure, in case death wasn’t a sufficient deterrent, they then told the Grim Reaper to hold their beer and introduced to the confused, cowed and subservient masses: A Fate Worse Than Death. A “deathier” death, if you will. Hell. Eternal Damnation, where you don’t actually die, but rather spend the rest of eternity, fervently and often, wishing that you would. There’s no coming back from that, folks. Eternal damnation is forever. Everybody knows that. How many times have you heard someone you know is not in the least religious remark that they were “going straight to Hell” for saying something snarky about another person? The indoctrination of humanity is thousands of years in the making and it runs deep.

The truth is, no one ever really dies. And if you suspend belief and dogma long enough to consider this, you might just find that not only does it NOT actually conflict in any impactful way with the guidelines that you choose to follow, it actually causes them to make more sense, as the truths within them are disjointed, twisted and fragmented. There is a very good reason why most ancient languages are dead today, and why so few were still fluent enough in them to translate the teachings into our modern versions.

The abridged version of our existence is this: your soul is a direct extension cord plugged into the energy field of our Creator. We are all pieces of the Creator. There exists no other being like the Creator, and instead of simply existing alone forever, it decided to take action in the only way it could…it moved, from one point to another by exerting its free will and created polarity. Positive and negative. Light and Darkness.

***Note ***If you find yourself getting caught up in dogma over me referring to the Creator as an “it” and not a “he”, remind yourself to suspend belief and look for the truth in what I am saying. If you remove all the variables of division they’ve deliberately created among the religions of Earth, it is simple to see that our differences are much less inherently different than we’ve been led to believe.

The soul of every being is immortal, because our Creator is immortal, and we are all extensions of it. There is no other like it and the only thing it can know is itself. So it created all of us, parts of its vast, loving Self, and sent us out into existence. The moment that happened, we were bound by certain rules set in place for us that are inherent and cannot be disobeyed, and one of them is that we live as many lives as we require individually to learn everything there is to know about our Self, and in this fashion, find our way back to the Creator…but in return we must agree to forget everything we have learned before each new life can begin.

Our Creator has no other to love, so it can only love itself, and it does, perfectly and completely. And because we are all filaments of the Creator’s own light, it loves us just as much. So because it knows that free will is the key to everything, the Creator allows choice despite the unbreakable laws it set forth. A soul can choose to leave breadcrumbs for itself in each new life, to help it find its way to the path it needs to step onto in order to fulfill its chosen mission. They don’t want you to know this, because they know you’ll go searching for those breadcrumbs. And they know that when you find them, you’ll begin to remember why you are here.

I believe the souls of people like me, who somehow and against all odds, managed to survive the most horrific of trials and emerge with purpose and strength, did so because our higher selves anticipated the level of difficulty to be extreme, and left us a larger number of breadcrumbs to guide our way than might ordinarily be necessary. But everyone can find the breadcrumbs from their soul. They don’t need to know where or how to find them. They simply need to know they have the choice to seek them out. My breadcrumbs freed me from a lifetime of slavery and deception. What could your breadcrumbs liberate you from, if you happened to seek them out?

Thank you all for visiting and reading my words. Your support and love mean so much. Namaste, beautiful souls. ❤ #WWG1WGA

6 thoughts on “Breadcrumbs

  1. Thank you White Tiger. Your soul story is exactly mine as well. I was so happy when I found out who we really are. What a great time to explore life and to create our journey back to the Creator.

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  2. Been following you on Twitter for a while and just found your blog. Thank you! Thank you for being vulnerable and sharing the depths of your story with us, all the pain and all the perseverance. I can only imagine. I read Jessica Jones’ book ASK FOR THE ANCIENT PATHS a while back which helped tremendously demonstrate the diabolical nature of evil and how it is playing out right now. It feels like an epic battle growing in intensity.

    I have also been questioning “religion” and why we have been taught the way we have. Can’t say I’ve come to any earth shattering conclusions except I do believe without doubt that there is a Creator God (my words) who created us out of pure, unconditional immeasurable love. As I remain teachable and humble in the presence of the Creator, I have been able to ask questions and hear answers different from what I had been taught. This includes questions about the Bible.

    Is there any part of the Bible that is true or has truth? Is there an unadulterated text we can read that will show us the love of our Creator and teach us who we were created to be? That will remind us of all we “forgot” on our way from there to here?

    Blessings to you.

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    1. Thank you, and Bright Blessings to you! There are indeed texts that tell the true story of our world, and they will be shared with everyone once they’re accurately translated. Ancient symbols were used to tell the story because those old teachings were deliberately hidden. Many answers are right in front of us, cloaked in symbolism and language. All will be revealed in time.


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