I’ve had so many people ask me, “How did you get free? How did you wake up?”. The simplest answer (and the one that I typically give) is that it was divine intervention. If someone had told me even five or six years ago that I would soon find out that my entire family and everyone I’ve ever known, worked for, dated, loved, cared about, were all Luciferian cannibals and I was trapped in a real life Truman show, I would have told that person in all seriousness to put the crack pipe down and step away. I’ve never even seen that movie, but I know the premise of it.

It’s not that I would have laughed it off due to the absurdity of it, which is how I ultimately gaslighted myself into denial when the truth finally started to become clear. I’ve lived a life filled with the bizarre and unexplainable, the odd and ephemeral. I can deal with shit I am unable to readily explain, because it’s happened to me for as long as I can remember, and I have intact memories from before I was two years of age.

What would have caused my derision and what ultimately sent me into denial when the imaginary suddenly became all too real, would have been my programming. I am programmed to gaslight myself, should my system ever become aware of the illusion. Programmed to doubt myself, to criticize and cruelly mock myself, to keep my own mind from learning the truth about who and what I really am. I’ve been programmed to do this since I was still in the womb, like all Hivite royalty.

And despite all of the bizarre events woven into my past, I still considered myself to be a fairly normal person. They abused me in my waking life too, you see; badly abused me, so that I would always remember and focus on that instead of looking any further. I believed I had risen above all the physical and psychological abuse. Transcended it. I wore it like a badge, proudly: I survived this, and I’m a better person for it.

I had made a choice long ago that I would not allow what I believed to be the full extent of the abuse to define me as a person, in any way. I believed I had escaped. That I was free. I had a career that I worked hard to attain. I had savings. A nice car, that I paid for myself. All of that changed in late 2011. That was the beginning of the end of life as I knew it… I just didn’t realize it at the time. And what a wild and breathless journey it has been, ever since.

This will be difficult for many people to understand and accept, but the truth is; the same people who did this to me in the first place were the ones ultimately responsible in the physical world for waking me up…and they did it purposefully. Soon, the entire world will see the truth of this: they WANT to get caught. They intended it all along, and they kept all of their Royal slaves unaware until it was time to wake us up, one by one, to expose the truth from within. To destroy the structure of the Hive with triads of 144,000 total; 48 groups of three royal slaves each, representing the combined Creator energy of the Master Numbers 11, 22 and 33. Spread all over the globe, enslaved and unaware, until it was time to activate us.

We speak their language, taught from before birth. We have a bloodline connection to them; we can feel their energy because DNA carries so much more than just physical traits and physiological function. We know them. But most importantly, we SEE them. Our mission is to reveal what is hidden, expose them fully to the Light so their souls will be free, and show humanity how to rebuild a better world without their influence in it. We had to be strong and resilient, because we had to survive long enough to make it to this point.

48 groups of three. 144,000 souls, on the same mission. Reading the Tarot without needing to look anything up is one of the gifts my people gave me, and it is a tool of insight that I personally find beneficial. I rarely pull a Tarot spread for myself but every time I do, I receive the Three of Cups. For those who don’t know, that card is one of the most powerful and positive in the entire deck. And it has a VERY significant, specific esoteric meaning: something positive and unifying will be manifested from the sacred Power of Three. The card itself is typically illustrated with the depiction of three people holding cups and making a toast to success. A card of fulfillment.

Numbers are exceedingly important to the Hive. They are actually symbols, and each one is assigned a very specific cosmic meaning. And, just like every other symbol they use, numbers have a mirror meaning and energy. Numerology is no more “evil” than the Christian Bible is, as both have been mirrored. Distorted and corrupted. They didn’t create these things, they appropriated them and corrupted them, shaped them to their own design.

48 groups of three. I’m not going to explain basic numerology here, because it would take me all day to type it out. There is a wealth of information out there on the www with a simple search. But in numerology, 48 (4+8)=12, and 12 (1+2)=3. The number three represents the energy of Creation. Of synergy and forward movement. Of life. It is a sacred, positive number.

Master Numbers are very special. They are a higher vibrational energy of their single digit other half, and cannot be reduced to a lesser number…because they carry a specific energy that serves an important role in existence. There are only three of them and they have names.

Master number 11 is the ‘Master Creator (or Vision)’. If it represents a person, that individual would be a visionary. Someone who sees a problem, understands where it stems from, and formulates a vision of how it must be corrected. This person would be able to think in all directions at once and immediately see how he/she should strategize a solution or remedy. Someone enlightened. Illuminated.

Master number 33 is the ‘Master Teacher’. This person would be able to easily grasp all the individual parts of a situation, tie them together and teach others how to reconcile the much larger picture. This person would have precise knowledge of factual information and would be adept at applying it to the Vision manifested by Master number 11. This is a logical, pragmatic person with a gift for language and communicating difficult concepts to others, from every walk of life.

Master number 22 is the ‘Master Builder’. This person is one who essentially supports and aids Masters 11 and 33 and waits in the wings to begin the process of rebuilding upon a new foundation after his/her counterparts have successfully torn down and cleared away what is no longer working for the good of all. This person is the one who comes in and gently helps everyone up, dusts them off, soothes their wounds, and sets them on the task of laying a new foundation. This person carries the solemn weight of responsibility to carry the Vision and the Teaching to fruition, and because of this is regarded as the most powerful symbol in numerology.

The reason I’m focusing on this today is because everything that happened to me up until now was preparing me for realizing this truth. Among the many strange things about me personally, I have two Life Path numbers on my astrological chart. That is exceedingly rare. It is rare enough that the astrologist who did my chart in 2013 decided to email me personally and inform me of that herself.

My Life Path numbers are 4 and 22. The same number; the first variant having the pure male energy of logic and reason; the second, the pure feminine energy of life, rebirth and nurturing. Yin and yang, a soul seeking perfect balance in all things. I’m going to get goosebumps as I type this, I already know…but that is my body affirming what my soul knows to be true, even though my programming tries so hard to make me reject it. I am the Master Builder. That is why I am here, and why they created me. And my soul agreed to it, knowing exactly what I would be required to endure along the way.

When I became aware of my enslavement, the first person I got brave enough to reach out to was Sarah Ashcraft. I had a different Twitter account then, and my photo was plastered right on it. I never used that account, but for some reason had felt compelled to create it one day back in 2013. I reached out to her because I believed her story and felt her information closely matched my own, but what really convinced me to message her was her photo. She and I could be sisters, and in fact she very closely resembles my half sister. I felt the strangest sensation when I first saw her, and I don’t think I can really describe it, so I’m not even going to try.

The Hive has access to my devices. I’m not a techie, so I don’t know exactly how, but they can physically connect to my device. The one I’m currently typing on was one they gave me, because they wanted to keep tabs on me. Ostensibly a gift, from someone who told me, unironically, that “nothing in life is ever free”. At any rate, they saw who I was talking to and absolutely lost their minds.

They killed my device. I rebooted it from the root menu. They killed it again. Rinse and repeat. Finally, when they got tired of banging their heads against that brick wall, they locked me out of my Twitter and limited my ability to access the internet. And they began to openly gang stalk and gaslight me with a frightening, relentless boldness. All because I contacted Sarah. That was about as effective a maneuver as the idiot mockingbird media causing the “Streisand effect” with the narrative that #QAnon is a LARP and should be ignored by everyone. Total backfire. I knew then that everything I thought was true, really was. No matter how preposterous or flat out crazy it seemed.

So I pulled a Tarot spread on her. Who was she? Why would they flip shit like that just because I was talking to her? I don’t know her. So wtf? The answers I received to my query were baffling to me. I still have the notebook where I wrote the results. The Tarot told me that she is the Master Teacher. That she is my family. That she and I know each other and would be reunited with perfect understanding of the situation in the future. And the last card I pulled for her was the Three of Cups. She was one of the cups in something created from Three.

Sarah said once that it was Chris who spawned the hashtag #SayBraveThings. If you aren’t familiar with Chris Cronsell, consider taking a look at his timeline. It does not take long to see that he is a visionary. Chris commented on a recent tweet of mine that I remind him of his own self. It made me grin because he reminds me of MY self. The number 22 in numerology is the higher vibration of the number 11, the Master Creator. It reflects and magnifies the creative ‘action’ energy. If 11 is the vision, 22 is the realization of it; the architect to the builder.

I have not discussed this with either of them yet, but I think I have stumbled upon a staggering truth, if my instincts are right. Sarah told me that if things continue to follow what’s shown in the bible, we’ve got about 140,000 cosmic siblings out there just like us. Absent she, Chris and I, that number would be exactly 141,000. And they will all have incarnated in soul groups of three, Masters 11,33 and 22. If I’m right, in each group, the Master Builder is ten years older than the other two, and female.

The Builder has to be older, because she must already be more worldly wise. She wakes up first, because she’s got to prepare, but it will start as a spiritual awakening. She will be the last of the group to wake up to the programming and abuse, and it will be the Teacher who catalyzes that process. The role and function of the Builder within the Hive will be that of Isis, the cosmic mother. The Shechinah. The Queen of Heaven, which is the root translation of my full birth name. I’ll expound further on that at a later time, because there are MANY things about me that only made sense once I accepted the astonishing truth of their beliefs about this.

48 groups of three. 144,000 souls. Strategically placed and destined to collide by divine command. Something created from the Power of Three, the number of action and potential. All of us, on a soul mission to walk through the deepest darkness and come out the other side with the strength and fortitude, compassion and love, to show the world the long-forgotten truth of what it really means to be human.

They knew this day would come. They weren’t freaking out because I made the unexpected and sovereign decision to follow my heart for once and reach out to Sarah. The problem was that it was happening too soon, and I was filled with rage. Simply put, I would have almost certainly failed my mission, because you cannot lead a spiritual revolution with vengeance in your heart. I would have poisoned my own efforts, and this is something that we’ve only got one shot at to get it right. 144,000 souls didn’t just agree to jump in the middle of this mess because they had nothing better to do to occupy their time. This is for keeps. The wheel of Karma has come full circle and we’re out of time. The clock started ticking down in 2012, and it’s approaching zero hour. Time to level up.

Thank you all for taking the time and care to read what I have written, for seeing and supporting my truth. Everything that has led up to this moment suddenly makes perfect sense, and I am so thankful, humbled and honored to be a part of what will forever be known on this planet as the greatest story ever told: #TheGreatAwakening

Namaste, beautiful souls. ❤

6 thoughts on “Waking

  1. This is amazing stuff. My mind is not able to comprehend everything you’re saying because I have not had to go through what you, Sarah, and Cronsell have had to. But I’m so grateful for your strength that you bring to the world. I know that Sarah and Cronsell know exactly what you’re talking about. I hope that someday I will understand. Thank you, Linda

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    1. Thank you. It is a lot of information to process, and everyone comes to understanding in their own way, in their own time. One day soon, we will all understand everything fully, and all of this will make perfect sense. ❤


  2. Once you started to describe your discovery of “Master Builder”, 4 & 22 etc., then explained Sarah and Chris, everything slid into place. I instantly saw the structure of what you were explaining and have to say I had my own “goose bump” moment. I instantly realized that it was literally “pre-ordained” that you three would come together. However, the culmination of you three was not suppose to happen yet. Having already been following Sarah, then later on you then Chris, I had the bonus of learning from each one of you. Each one of you, from my “learning” perspective became unique to me, to a point where I think I could read something from one of the three of you and might know which one may have written it (please don’t hold me to that lol). Providing those of us with your knowledge of the Hive is a monumental task. This is just one microscopic piece to the entire network/history, which is why this blog is so important. Without meaning to offend, I look at this like an educational course, and when you think about it, that’s really what this is.I hesitated making the comparison as it does not take into account the important yet overwhelming emotional, personal and psychological sacrifices this selfless act requires. Thank you, keep fighting the good fight and most importantly, may God bless you, protect you and nurture you through your important and brave journey. And thank you for allowing me along on the journey.

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    1. Thank you for joining me! I am not in the least offended by you considering this educational material…it is an enormous compliment and it is my honor to serve the Creator in this way. Every person I am able to reach in turn has the opportunity to reach yet more waking souls, and together we grow. I keep having to ask myself, is this real? Is this actually happening right now? But it is. And it is turning into something beautiful. ❤


  3. I noticed a big change in Sarah over a short amount of time, from feeling a great deal of rage and bitterness and despair at times, to total peace and understanding. It was confusing to me as it seemed like it happened overnight. It seems like you have had a similar breakthrough and I am struck by how quickly you are both awakening to deeper levels of understanding. Most of us don’t grow that fast! Love you and love all that you are sharing with us at this critical moment of the great awakening. ❤


    1. It really does seem like it happened overnight! I think of it as the stages of grief, because it really is the death of a reality that we thought we could trust as real and true. I believe we had to get through those stages at an accelerated rate in order to accomplish what we came here to do. I love you too, and thank you so much for your support. We’re getting close to the finish line now. Then, we build something better. ❤


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