The Unbroken Circle

“Their need for symbolism will be their downfall.” – Q

We talk a lot about symbolism on Twitter. Countless graphics have been shared highlighting the symbols most commonly used by the corrupt Luciferian powers that were, both as a tool of communication and a hidden pledge of loyalty. But how many of you know what those symbols were originally meant to represent?

Symbols, like any other tool of language, mean nothing without intent. In this world, Luciferians chose to appropriate symbols of light, love and truth, and to corrupt them. They used various methods of taking what was once sacred and good and turning it into the opposite. Often that meant simply changing the orientation of a symbol; inverting or twisting it somehow, and assigning a opposing value to it. And perhaps the most widely known (and universally reviled) of these in our world is the pentagram.

A pentagram and a pentacle are the same, with one distinction: the former is a drawn image, while the latter is typically worn as jewelry, such as a charm or medallion. Luciferians and Satanists depict this symbol inverted, with the top point of the star facing downward, a complete distortion of its original form. And the reason they do this is to corrupt the meaning. Intent matters.

Upright, the pentagram is closed within a circle, representing the reciprocal nature of human existence. The four cardinal directions correspond to the elemental basics of life: Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The body is Earth, a carbon based form. Air is the oxygen needed to sustain life. Fire is the human metabolic rate and Water is the conductor of electrical impulses that power it. Those four basic things make life on a given planet possible.

But the significance of the pentagram is not fully realized, because in their version of things they chose to leave out the most important element of all…the one that matters the most…and that is the 5th element. The reason they ignore that; the reason they turn the star upside down is a deliberate, symbolic choice to decline the offering of this element. What is the difference?

The answer is, it’s the difference between existing and living. As I said previously, the four basic elements inside that closed circle are perfectly sufficient for sustaining life…but that is ALL they can do. Without the fifth element, a human is essentially reduced from a powerful, consciousness driven being to an empty, programmable shell. Without the fifth element, a person can exist just fine…but can never truly know what it is to LIVE. Why?

Because that fifth element is our direct connection to the Creator. It is the Ethernet conduit to the divine energy of the cosmos, of God. It is what causes us to question and seek deeper understanding. It is our compass, given to us from the moment of birth, so that we can always navigate the chosen path of our immortal souls, and ultimately find our way back to the pure love and light of the One Creator. Without it, we are lost. Stuck. Always ‘less than’. And more importantly, we fall into the trap of relying on others to tell us what is true and real rather than looking within. Programmable and malleable, and anything but sovereign.

I did a lengthy thread on this subject on Twitter, and how The Great Awakening and the letter Q are directly connected to the closed circle of the pentagram, but I’ll give the Cliff’s notes version here. The letter Q represents the movement, but it also has a deeper, metaphysical meaning.

Essentially, Luciferians took the star shape of human existence and trapped it inside the limits of a closed circle. They did this symbolically, but every action that is carried out with intent also carries the frequency of that intent with it…and the subconscious human brain recognizes that, whether it’s consciously realized or not.

Free will cannot be taken away. It can be subverted by deception, but never taken. It is the most important tenet in all of existence, and the ultimate unalienable right. It cannot be taken, but it can be given up and; when Luciferians flaunt the inverted pentagram, they are flaunting their choice to give up their free will and sever the connection of the 5th element to the divine Creator. They are pledging their loyalty to a lifetime of subversion by the Hive, to slavery. They give up their humanity.

Through various methods over vast expanses of time, they have deceived humanity into believing that existence is just as simple as the four basic elements of life. They could not server the connection to the Creator because they cannot take away free will, so they simply conned humanity into embracing that closed “Circle of Life”, in the belief that it is all there is. That this life is the only one we get. One of the most damaging lies they ever told.

And humanity played its part as well, by choosing to buy into the lie. We didn’t start this, but we are now faced with the daunting task of finishing it, and the greatest weapon in our arsenal is understanding. We cannot go back and change the circumstances that got us to this point, and we cannot move forward if we’re trapped in the closed circle. But if we’re stuck in the reciprocal circle required to sustain life, how can we make room for this missing element? The answer is the simplest solution in all of Creation. We just have to evolve.

We can’t break the circle because an open circle is a broken loop, and cannot sustain life. But the fifth element is now closed off to us by the very circle we require in order to exist. How do you open a circle and keep it open, while at the same time ensure it remains intact? In cardiac surgery, they accomplish this by placing a stent, to allow blood to freely flow without the closed loop of the cardiovascular system being compromised. This could be depicted very simply by two common characters in the English language: O and Q.

Before Q came along and started the process of The Great Awakening, the vast majority of people in this country were hopelessly trapped within a closed circle of deception. Stuck. But what’s awesome about free will, as I’ve stated, is that it cannot be taken away. All that is required to restore our connection to the fifth element of our Creator is the desire to seek further understanding, and the choice to take action to make that happen. It is really that simple. Love and truth are the same frequency, the energy of our Creator, and Q is all about uncovering the truth.

Q became the stent in the heart of humanity, and We The People are the life blood flowing through it. We sustain ourselves as O, but we evolve by becoming Q. We are all Q, you see.

I wanted to paint something that reflects all of this, while shining the light of truth onto the sacred meaning of our stolen ancient symbolism. And, for those who get nervous at the single eye symbol in my painting, it is merely a representation of the “Third Eye” of cosmic consciousness, and is another symbol that took a beating along with the pentagram.

It is imperative that we take back our symbolism, rather than simply discard it. There are ancient truths told within these symbols, and if we allow fear to make us reject them, then we’re ultimately still giving our power away to those who do not deserve to have it. We’ll create new symbolism and language, of course. But they corrupted the old to hide information that was meant to be passed down through the ages, and it will remain hidden if we continue to demonize and attach fear and negativity to them. That would be very sad indeed.

Thank you all so much for reading. I’ll be doing more painting and plan to blog about each work I finish. I have also decided to put my designs on Teespring, on a variety of different items, rather than marketing and putting my work under copyright. Please feel free to share any images of my art. I’ll pin a link here for anyone who might be interested in ordering something. I am a professional artist, and typically work on consignment, but I wanted to try something new and fun that also gets my message out there to a wider audience.

I’ll post this to my Twitter page with a photo of my painting, as I’m not sure how to upload images into a blog entry yet. Big learning curve here…thank you for your patience.

Namaste, beautiful souls, and I hope you all have an uplifting and peaceful end to your week.πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™



I would like to take the opportunity to thank each and every person who offered assistance and support for me while I was battling a severe tooth infection. Your prayers and help made all the difference in the world to me, and I am so very grateful for such an outpouring of love. πŸ’™πŸ’œπŸ’™



I had a life once. I had a career. I had my own vehicle, my own savings account. I had a small circle of friends who I believed that I could trust. I had a daughter who was also my best friend. I was active in my community and devoted my time to helping other people, every chance I got. I was an outspoken, fierce advocate for justice and truth. A warrior, by any definition. I kicked ass every day, and I was proud of who I was.

I believed that I had overcome years of childhood physical and psychological abuse, and come out of it a better person for having experienced it. It makes me laugh a little sadly now, that what was already a horrific, lonely and dehumanizing existence turned out to be only a small scratch on the surface of the much worse horrors I had been subjected to, but did not know about, in my waking life. Knowing the truth about myself now and how long I was living an illusion makes me feel a wistful, wry sort of sadness for that fierce, proud, accomplished person I used to be. I often say that awakening to my enslavement was like a death, because that person died. She fell away, along with the rest of the illusion, and it took me a very long time to stop mourning the loss of her.

But letting go of who I thought I was needed to be done, because it was a lie. Everything I ever thought to be true and real was proven to be only illusory. The hardest part about being a survivor of this, for me, is realizing that I’m not sure what in my life was actually my choice and what was not. I was basically slapped in the face with this realization when I discovered that not only were all of my family members Hivite cannibals or their slave minions, EVERYONE else I knew were, too.

Everyone I’ve ever been friends with, worked for, dated…all are Hivites. My doctors. My attorney. My landlords. My employers. One of the worst feelings I’ve ever had was when I looked up the address list of Frank’s Franks and Joseph’s Bistro that Chris Cronsell posted (for those who don’t know, there’s a national list of front businesses for a network of fictitious restaurants that were themselves a front for advertising the sale of children to other Hivites) on his Twitter last year, and found one of them to be the children’s hospital I worked at for six years, right here in San Antonio. The largest and most renowned children’s hospital in the city, as a matter of fact. When I saw that address, I got physically sick. I was WORKING for these people! How many innocent children had I unwittingly helped deliver directly into harm’s way???

I realized that the only way to be certain of who was or was not one of them in my immediate environment would be to troll them, because they knew immediately that I had woken up and they were all on high alert. They were so obvious that it would have actually struck me as hilarious at times, had it not been so horrifying and surreal. I cannot describe how it felt to sit on my front porch steps and watch the same drones passing by, day after day, shouting trigger language at me. Nonsensical phrases that made them sound unhinged. If any normal person had witnessed this, they would assume the entire neighborhood was populated by escapees from an insane asylum.

They launched such a relentless financial attack on me that I was facing homelessness for the third time since 2012, (which is when all of this actually began and my world ended) and how I realized my landlord was also a Hivite. I had to quit my job because my employer had started to, quite suddenly and blatantly, attempt to trigger me. He also began to openly refer to me as “My Queen”, and “Divine Goddess”. In this weird, reverent, almost whispery tone. They all do that, and it’s exceedingly creepy. And I had to quit when I realized that none of my co-workers ever questioned or seemed bothered by his abrupt change in behavior.

Eventually, I took a surgical approach, because I realized that I could not keep up this exhausting race of trying to identify the Hivites among the humans, and it had actually become more of a case of humans among the Hivites instead. I cut everyone out of my life. Everyone. The hardest was my daughter. Someone whom I love told me that I would know if my daughter was one of them if I confronted her and she tried to use tactics on me, and she was not wrong. I knew. Because I did confront her, and the first thing she did was use every tactic in the playbook, and when that didn’t work, she tried to manipulate my husband into getting involved. I walked away from them ALL.

Of course THAT resulted in unbridled panic, because without direct access to me they could not introduce triggers into my field, and could not thusly control what I did and perceived. They deliberately put me in the middle of this enormous hive masquerading as a city, so they could control every little tiny detail of my life. The Hive owns everything in this city, including its law enforcement and public servants. They also had surveillance equipment in my home, and remote access to my device.

Whenever I left my house and went for a walk, I was immediately followed. One night, my husband and I decided to go for a walk. We lived very close to the Alamo, in Southtown. We took a completely different route than usual, and we did it abruptly…started off in one direction and then suddenly went the other way, without warning. A few blocks down the street, we started noticing all these different people passing by us wearing identical black polo shirts and khaki shorts, at seemingly random intervals. There were little groups of people, too, and they all stopped talking when we passed by them.

My husband, who had a difficult time accepting all of this, could see that these people were not genuine bystanders. He’s lived here his entire life. It was almost 1 a.m. on a Wednesday morning, and the number of pedestrians clustered in the areas they were gathered in, at that time of night, was highly unusual. And little groups don’t just shut up when other people pass by fifty feet away from where they’re huddled, talking. This is a tourist area. We both knew we were being watched and followed, and it was just unbelievably surreal for us, the stark realization of this.

It is not my place to tell my husband’s story, but I will disclose this much, for clarity: I surgically excised everyone from my life except for him, and the one thing that gave me the courage to trust him at all (because his family are Hivites, too) was the simple fact that neither of our families wanted us to be together. And one thing that is consistent in my experience with them is that if they adamantly don’t want me to do something, that means I should definitely do it. That may sound cold and calculated of me, but I assure you it is not. I was enslaved my entire life by the chains of emotional and psychological manipulation. Mind control. If something passes the logic test, then that is where I place my faith these days.

They have relentlessly attacked me up until just recently, where their behavior de-escalated and changed to just following and watching me. I still troll them, not too hard, just so they know that I see them. They still try to trigger responses from me online. Some of them do it in DMs on Twitter, under the guise of concern or curiosity. It won’t work, because they give themselves away. They are slaves to their playbook, and they do not deviate from it. They can’t, because they are not permitted to think for themselves. They are not a threat to me. They’re just programmed drones, performing a task. I feel sorry for their plight because it is an exhausting, tormented way to exist. But I won’t excuse or tolerate aggressive behavior or deception from them.

Everyone compliments me on my level of patience with these people, but it requires conscious effort to balance emotion and logic that I have to work very hard at, every day. It is good for me, to put into practice what I offer to others as advice and guidance. Words are great, and I consider communication to be an art form, but behavior is what really matters. I can talk in beautiful and poetic ways all day about this, but if I do not put it into practice, what good are my beautiful words to anyone, really?

I mostly just want all of this to be over with. I want to see the slaves set free. Children, out of even the remotest of harm’s paths. And, selfishly perhaps, I want to have time and peace in which to discover what I really like and desire for myself. I have realized that I’m not even sure what my favorite color really is. It’s like that. I want to have a life again. And this time, I intend for it to be my own.

Thank you for reading and seeing my truth. N’amaste, beautiful souls. ❀



How many of you remember the story of Hansel and Gretel? How many happen to follow the #QAnon drops as a source of information?

When I first began to read the Q drops and decodes, one of the things that caused me to keep tuning in was Q’s use of the breadcrumb analogy. The story of Hansel and Gretel is my favorite fairytale and; now that I know what I know about myself, it makes a sorrowful, horrific kind of sense to me that I was so enamored of a story about two children escaping the clutches of an evil cannibal witch. Future proves past, after all, as we know…and truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

I have learned and remembered many hidden truths in the past year, and one of the most significant of them is that our souls are not what we’ve been led to believe them to be. I am not a religious person; they worked hard to give me good reason for choosing to avoid churches and the churchy people who frequented them. But once again, the joke was on them because instead of embracing atheism or simply nothing at all (or, preferably, joining them), I became Wiccan instead. I chose a spiritual path instead of a religious one and, like the man said, it made all the difference.

In the absence of the false external “authority” of a preacher or priest directing my thinking with stifling, coercive dogma, I found spirituality. I could not trust those fork-tongued imposters, so I went looking inside myself for answers.

I talk a lot about the unwelcome truth that Luciferian Hivites wrote all of our modern religious texts. And, understandably, many people bristle instantly at such an appalling idea. Luciferians are the enemy! Why in the hell would THEY write OUR religious doctrine?! No, it’s OURS. We came up with that! And they are incorrect; but at the same time, they’re not wrong, either.

Their ancestors in our very ancient past wrote and/or told the original information, the truth about our existence, to another party who recorded it for preservation and posterity, but the Hivites had already slithered their way into strategic positions of influence within every religious ideology on the planet, and it was there, first, that their foothold on humanity was firmly established.

People tend to conveniently ignore the fact that these Hivites were in total control of every major power/control structure on the planet and were actively carrying out a plan to wipe the vast majority of humanity off the face of it, right up until our President waded into the swamp on our behalf and established himself as the right man for the job of taking them down. Do they really think something as elaborate and complex as the Q team and The Plan would be warranted if they were just some ordinary criminal enterprise that could be eradicated with a few dozen satisfying high profile arrests and a handful of righteously delivered executions? No. Because they aren’t really “thinking” at all.

They are reacting emotionally to something that challenges and seems to stand in direct conflict with the most sacred tenets of their personal belief system. A threat, to their perception of their own spiritual identity. To their reality. Their established truth.

Perfectly normal. And I consider myself something of an expert on that, because my world was rocked to the power of infinity not so long ago, and yet here I am, alive and whole and raining my truth down on anyone who chooses to listen. I survived many painful truths, and so can everyone else. That’s what this life is all about, letting go of ego and embracing all that we have deprived ourselves of by clinging to it for so long.

The fact is, folks, religion matters not one whit in the grand scheme of existence. The choice, to know the truth, has always been and will continue to be yours. Whatever religious doctrine that you choose, in sovereignty and as an individual, to apply to the manner in which you decide to walk your path does not define who you are spiritually. Does it shape you? Absolutely, and that is why we feel defensive when our personal truth is challenged. It is crucial to our personal growth and central to everything upon which we base the way we live our lives from day to day, so we have a deeply ingrained emotional attachment to it. Losing it would be like a death in many ways.

But here’s the beautiful thing about being sovereign: YOU get to choose. You decide what speaks truth to you out of everything that enters your field of perception.

If every religious text, every church, synagogue, temple and holy place were suddenly removed entirely from the planet, would we all just wander aimlessly and helplessly about for the rest of our lives without books that were written and rewritten, obscuring their original meaning and the appointed, unqualified spokespersons of our beloved Creator to tell us what we should do and how we should act and what we should believe? Some might do just that, but most of us would stand up, dust ourselves and our wounded egos off, and set out to find truth elsewhere. Why?

Because we are more than what we’ve been indoctrinated to believe; by religion and science, for longer as any of us have been alive on this planet. Intellectually, we know that beliefs and ideology don’t just rub off on us. We know that by reading the Qur’an, we’re not going to just accidentally become Muslim through osmosis. But our emotions don’t care about pesky logic like that. Our emotions only care about the fact that something introduced into our field is contradictory to our core perception of truth, and is therefore a threat.

If you truly want to guarantee that you are basing your life’s decisions on a free will choice, then developing tunnel vision and ignoring all of the other information available to you in favor of something that another person has told you to accept as empirical truth, that must not ever be questioned, is probably not the optimal method of accomplishing that goal. The optimal strategy is also the most simple approach: to process seemingly conflicting information, you must be willing to suspend belief and the emotional attachments to it, and imagine it in terms of the pure, uninvested detachment of the hypothetical. It is really THAT simple. We use our imaginations all the time, and we neither notice nor resist it because it is imaginary, and therefore carries no deep emotional attachment. We know we’re just imagining, so we don’t invest in it.

Our souls are not what we’ve been told. Like everything else they’ve twisted and corrupted in our world, what we’ve been told about human existence is only a fragment of the actual truth. The reason they chose religious doctrine as their primary method of subversion is because in the ancient past, we were actually smarter…they hadn’t shown up to influence us yet, and the holy people of Earth’s populace were able to access a higher state of consciousness, much like Buddhist monks can today, and were highly revered and regarded as living conduits for the voice of the Creator. And they were of the Light. The right hand of God.

It was a simple matter for them to incorporate their own practices into existing ideology, and eventually take total control of it from the inside. They took the ancient writings of truth and knowledge from every ideology on the planet and rewrote them, time and again, a little differently each time, until eventually they were able to successfully obscure the truth by limiting the amount of it that people had to base their beliefs on.

They have controlled humanity in three major ways: division, competition, and the illusion of scarcity and exclusivity. And one of the most outrageous, damaging lies they ever told humanity is the one about what happens to a soul after physical death. They didn’t just lie to us about it either…they instilled a fear of it that is so strong that we pass it to our own offspring, generation after generation, encoded into the strands of our DNA.

And they created a system within each religion by which a believer can avoid the fictitious ‘finality’ of death and instead end up in a magical place where unicorns and fairies frolic under perfect skies along golden streets, they can eat as many calories as they want without ever getting fat, perfection and bliss and everything that is awesome, for the rest of eternity, amen. Seriously, every religion contains this farce of “heaven”. And it can be yours for the taking…but you have to do EXACTLY what this book or figurehead or other false external authority says you should do, or you’re voted off the island. Membership is revoked.

Just for good measure, in case death wasn’t a sufficient deterrent, they then told the Grim Reaper to hold their beer and introduced to the confused, cowed and subservient masses: A Fate Worse Than Death. A “deathier” death, if you will. Hell. Eternal Damnation, where you don’t actually die, but rather spend the rest of eternity, fervently and often, wishing that you would. There’s no coming back from that, folks. Eternal damnation is forever. Everybody knows that. How many times have you heard someone you know is not in the least religious remark that they were “going straight to Hell” for saying something snarky about another person? The indoctrination of humanity is thousands of years in the making and it runs deep.

The truth is, no one ever really dies. And if you suspend belief and dogma long enough to consider this, you might just find that not only does it NOT actually conflict in any impactful way with the guidelines that you choose to follow, it actually causes them to make more sense, as the truths within them are disjointed, twisted and fragmented. There is a very good reason why most ancient languages are dead today, and why so few were still fluent enough in them to translate the teachings into our modern versions.

The abridged version of our existence is this: your soul is a direct extension cord plugged into the energy field of our Creator. We are all pieces of the Creator. There exists no other being like the Creator, and instead of simply existing alone forever, it decided to take action in the only way it could…it moved, from one point to another by exerting its free will and created polarity. Positive and negative. Light and Darkness.

***Note ***If you find yourself getting caught up in dogma over me referring to the Creator as an “it” and not a “he”, remind yourself to suspend belief and look for the truth in what I am saying. If you remove all the variables of division they’ve deliberately created among the religions of Earth, it is simple to see that our differences are much less inherently different than we’ve been led to believe.

The soul of every being is immortal, because our Creator is immortal, and we are all extensions of it. There is no other like it and the only thing it can know is itself. So it created all of us, parts of its vast, loving Self, and sent us out into existence. The moment that happened, we were bound by certain rules set in place for us that are inherent and cannot be disobeyed, and one of them is that we live as many lives as we require individually to learn everything there is to know about our Self, and in this fashion, find our way back to the Creator…but in return we must agree to forget everything we have learned before each new life can begin.

Our Creator has no other to love, so it can only love itself, and it does, perfectly and completely. And because we are all filaments of the Creator’s own light, it loves us just as much. So because it knows that free will is the key to everything, the Creator allows choice despite the unbreakable laws it set forth. A soul can choose to leave breadcrumbs for itself in each new life, to help it find its way to the path it needs to step onto in order to fulfill its chosen mission. They don’t want you to know this, because they know you’ll go searching for those breadcrumbs. And they know that when you find them, you’ll begin to remember why you are here.

I believe the souls of people like me, who somehow and against all odds, managed to survive the most horrific of trials and emerge with purpose and strength, did so because our higher selves anticipated the level of difficulty to be extreme, and left us a larger number of breadcrumbs to guide our way than might ordinarily be necessary. But everyone can find the breadcrumbs from their soul. They don’t need to know where or how to find them. They simply need to know they have the choice to seek them out. My breadcrumbs freed me from a lifetime of slavery and deception. What could your breadcrumbs liberate you from, if you happened to seek them out?

Thank you all for visiting and reading my words. Your support and love mean so much. Namaste, beautiful souls. ❀ #WWG1WGA

We Are All Survivors


It’s true. We all enter this world through what could arguably be classified as an extreme act of violence; covered in blood, forced out of a warm, comforting space into the harsh light and sound of a blurry, jarringly alien environment. To live, we must first endure the trauma of being born. We come into life fighting for it. Surviving.

Everything that happens to us from that moment forward is a journey. And when we reach the end of it, we not only have survived everything along the path, we transcendΒ it. Rise above it, no matter what it is. Survivors.

It is a fact that we cannot quantify suffering. No matter how hard our ego tries to make everything into a competition, no one holds the title for ‘Most Beleaguered’ in life. No one. Why? Simple. As one sovereign being to another, we have no right to put a price tag or score count to someone else’s suffering. It is theirs, and only they know how much it really hurts.

Because I’ve suffered ritual abuse and torture, does that make my pain more significant than anyone else’s? ‘Worse than’? No. It simply makes it ‘different than’. Pain is subjective. They created a sliding scale for physical pain for this very reason. I’ve tweeted about this. And the motivator is actually chilling.

Study after study proved that recovery rates among hospital patients is directly linked to how well their pain is controlled during the healing process. When further studies were done, it became clear that reports of uncontrolled pain were overwhelmingly due to medical staff assessing patient pain levels by their own subjective views on how a person experiencing pain should act and look. If you had surgery and happened to be stoic about expressing pain, chances were good that you would be left to suffer it with little to no relief. See what I mean about it being chilling?

There is a very good reason why I and other survivors like Sarah and Chris are alive and sharing our truths with the world right now, and it is both multi faceted and spiritually profound, but the thing that seems to amaze people most commonly about us is their own quantification of our level of suffering. People routinely diminish the significance of whatever horrors they have survived when they read about ours; and it always strikes me as bittersweet, because we all suffer pain and indignities in life, and in this world they all stem from a common source…and are necessary for us to learn the lessons each individual soul requires to complete its unique leg of the journey.

We are ALL survivors. Every one of us. Sharing painful truths with others who are willing to hear them and see the truth of the person laying them bare is an act of bravery, to be sure. But it is brave on the part of the listener, too, because when we share in another’s pain, we write it into the pages of our own story. It leaves a mark. A breadcrumb, for the next leg of the journey, where we look back on what we’ve learned and use it to guide us to a place of wisdom and inner peace. Of understanding. Evolution.

So I want to thank you all, for sharing my truth…most especially the painful parts that it takes bravery to put out there. Because you are brave too. Seeking truth, no matter how much it might hurt, is an act of bravery. Sovereignty. And offering comfort and understanding to another soul is a gift that cannot be limited by any measure. It is love, and that is the most precious resource in all of Creation.

My story will not be linear, as time itself is not really linear. Timelines are mutable. Changeable. And for the fragmented psyche of an SRA survivor, that is even more true. I am still putting the pieces of my puzzle together, and many are missing. Telling it helps me to see the bigger picture, despite those missing pieces, and allows my mind to remember at its own pace, healing the fissures left in the wake of unearthing that which was buried there for so long.

I have finally found the answer to what my soul mission is in this life, and I am committed to completing it. If even one person’s life is changed for the better, even in the seemingly smallest of ways, by my sharing the truth of my own, then I have succeeded. I cannot think of any place I’d rather be than right here, in this moment. And this one. And this one. Nor would I go back and change anything in my past, if given the clear choice to do so. If I did, I would not be the person I am right this second…and I love who I’ve turned out to be.

Namaste, beautiful souls. Today is the first day of the rest of our lives on this planet, and it is glorious. #WWG1WGA ❀

Come, take a walk with me…

Thank you for joining me on my personal journey to truth and deeper understanding of myself and my place in the vast circle of existence. Together, we truly can move mountains. ❀

‘At the heart of every being lies creation’s dream of a principle that will one day give organic form to its fragmented treasures. God is unity.’ ~Pierre Teilhard de Chardin